Karkee Web: British & Empire Accoutrements and Personal Equipment of the Twentieth Century


Since we first began in December, 2008, Karkee Web has far exceeded the aims we had for it. It has become the best resource on the web for 20th Century British accoutrements. Right from the first, it has been our contributors who have made this happen, and who will make it even better in future. Those who have provided images and/or documentation to date include primarily private collectors, but contributions have now come from museums, county archives, societies and dealers and have been most welcome.


Kevin Adams, Lars Alfers, Richard Aixill, Ian Austin, Robert Ball, Eric Baradon, Kevin Beckhurst, John Bird, John Bodsworth, Simon Braillon, Martin Brayley, Toby Brailey, Steve Britton, Frank Brown, Joe Brunt, Gus Bryngelson, Guy Bud, Les Butler, Brian Burns, John Cameron, Geoff Carefoot, Fernando Cean, Steve Chambers, Martin Clewlow, Derek Complin, Chris Cone, Tony Cone, Sam Cox, Peter Crosby, Chris Cutting, Iain Davidson, Cathy Davis, Rog Dennis, Dexter at the Learning Haven, Peter K.A. Digby, Mel Dundas-Taylor, Richmond Dutton, Merlijn van Eijk, Carl Ellingstad, Clive Elliott, Richard Ellis, Diane & Larry Emrick, William Endley, Leo Fackler, Sean Featherstone, Nathan Flavell, Ron Flook, Chris Forster, Dave George, Adrian Gigg, Carl & Marcia Giordano, David Gordon, Graham Gough, Ed Gould, Richard Graham, Neil Griffiths, Kevin Groom, David Hale, Ian Hannant, Edward Hallett, Paul Hannon, James Harriss, Edward Hallett, Terry Hawker, Al Hayes, Jeffrey Hayes, Fred Hazel, Chris Henschke, M.C. Heunis, Steve Hewitt, Jeff Hollenbeck, Simon Howlett, Luc Inion, Dan Irving, Ron Jacobs, Simon Jervis, Richard Jones, Richard Knight, Alfred Kruk, Paul Laidlaw, John Lamont, Rick Landers, Clive Law, Patrick LeBrun, Jerry Lee, Bill Lennell, Roy Lewis, Jeremy Lloyd, Jean Lummerzheim, John Marshall, Richard Marshall, Leigh McCann, Chris McDonald, Robert Mitchell, Simon Moore, Grant Napier, J.W. Newton, Barry O'Sullivan, Matthew O'Sullivan, Mark Palmer, Pedro Pato, Victor Pichon, Michel Perrier, John Pierson, Chris Pollendine, Graham Priest, Keith Prince, Allen Prior, Peter Raftos, Tom Ready, Michael Rose, Gian Rossignuolo, Chris Sadler, Dennis Sale, Colin Schlacta, Peter Scott, Fausto Serra, Jordan Simpson, Paul Skrebels, Michael Skriletz, Kevin Smith, Peter J. Smith, Tracey Stahlberg, Robert Stedman, Ed Storey, Giacomo Stacconeddu, Ric Stubley, Joe Sweeney, Bart Temmink, Ross Torrington, Bruce Toye, Graham Tweeddale, Andrew Upton, Niels Verhagen, Karl Vines, Nick Wall, Tim Weller, Joseph White, Jim Whitehouse, Gyles Wiggins, Paul Winter, Pete Woldridge, and Carl Woods.


Danielle Cassar (Assistant Curator, Military Heraldry & Technology, Australian War Memorial)
Andrew Cormack F.S.A. (Keeper of Medals, Uniforms and Visual Arts, Royal Air Force Museum)
Mike Hibberd (formerly of the Imperial War Museum, London)
Robin P. Jenkins (Keeper [Collections], Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland, Leics.)
Jonathan Maguire (Researcher, Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum)
George A. Malcomson (Archivist, Royal Navy Submarine Museum)
Amanda Moreno (Curator, Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum)
Andy Robertshaw (Curator, Royal Logistic Corps Museum)
Lynda Smart (Chief Librarian, Leicester Mercury Media Group)


The Society of the Military Horse


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Britton at War
CS Militaria
Great War Militaria
JRW Collectables
Military History Workshop
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WD Militaria
What Price Glory
World War Wonders

One element of Karkee Web's design that has received quite a bit of comment is our use of cigarette card images for backgrounds and accents, especially where we've used them to denote Section indices. It's important to note that the actual cards we originally used came from the collection of J. Roy Dennis, Rog's father. We've added a quite a few others here and there, but the origin of one feature that has given this site its distinctive look rests on his shoulders.

There are other contributors who have provided images without knowing it: In a few places we've used pictures that have been gleaned from the web over the last several years, but for which the proper attributions have been lost. To each of you, apologies and thanks. If you find one of your pictures on our site, please contact the webmaster and we'll either remove it or give you proper credit, as you desire.

In addition to those listed above, a number of other people have assisted in the development of this site, both through comments and constructive criticism, and through their detailed knowledge of specific subjects. These include Steve Cobden, O.G. Palmer, Sean Ryan, and Ric Stubley (who is in fact listed above, but needs to be mentioned here as well). Special thanks go to Jim Kendall, who has been an editor, proofreader, and technical consultant in this effort.