Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1913 - Fitting Instructions


Fitting Instructions

titleIn a major coup for Karkee Web, The Instruerian has once again come up with a spectacular discovery. This time, it is no less than a COMPLETE copy of the Mills Equipment Company's Fitting Instructions for the 1913 Model of the Mills-Burrowes Back Adjustment Web-Equipment. It is a scan from an nth generation photocopy, but is quite readable, and something that I've NEVER seen before. I have found better copies of a few of the photographs in this booklet, but I made the decision to leave this set just as it is. I have, though, reproduced each of the better quality photos in an appropriate place in the W.E. Patt. '13 Section of Karkee Web. I've attached the document as an Adobe *.pdf file. Just click on the picture at left to download it. You'll have to use the back button on your browser to return here after the download is complete.