Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914

Official Documentation: List of Changes, Army Council Instructions, etc.


1stListed below are all of the L. of C., A.C.I., and other official documentation entries we've found that pertain to Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914. If anyone knows of any others, please send copies to KW for inclusion in this section.






L. of C. 16977 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - New Patterns. 30th Aug 1914

Introduces Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914.

L. of C. 17177 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - New Patterns. 21st Jan 1915 / 8th Mar 1915

Adds Pistol case, Pistol cartridge case, and Dirk loop.

L. of C. 17219 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Modification of Patterns. 31st Dec 1914 / 30th Mar 1915

Various modifications to designs.

L. of C. 17220 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Belts, Waist. 9th Apr 1915

Adds "extra-large" size Waist belt.

L. of C. 17599 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Patterns Modified. 25th Nov 1915

Changes all tabs and chapes on Haversacks and Packs to web.

L. of C. No. 17660 Web equipment, pattern 1908 - Covers, mess tin. dated 31st October 1915

Extends the use of the Patt. '08 Mess tin cover to Patt. '14

L. of C. 17698 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Attachments, Brace. 24th December 1915

Adds Brace attachments.

L. of C. 20642 Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Pattern Modified. 5th Feb 1918

Changes the Cartridge pouches from one to two straps.

ACI A9. 5th January 1921

Removes Pattern 1914 from service with regular units.

ACI A349. 31st May 1921

Approves use of Pattern 1914 Bayonet frogs.

ACI A2322. 20th January 1927

Adds Linesman's Pouches.

Provisional Mobilization Store Table / Machine Gun Battalion. May 1918.

Paul Hannon provided this excerpt from Chapter V, Section 6. It lists the equipment and accoutrements authorised for a Machine Gun Battalion at Battalion HQ, Company HQ, and each Section.


Associated Equipment

L. of C. 16978 Slings, rifle, pattern 1914 - New Pattern. 6th September 1914.

Introduces Pattern 1914 Sling.

L. of C. 17179 Slings, rifle, pattern 1914 - Colour. 30th March 1915.

Changes colour from Service dress to London brown.