Web Equipment, Naval, Pattern 1919 - Fitting Instructions


Fitting Instructions - Naval Service (1920 - 1926)

1926This set of Fitting Instructions for W.E. Patt. '19 originally appeared in the Royal Naval Handbook of Field Training, 1920. This particular copy was taken from the Royal Naval Handbook of Field Training, 1926: Part IX, Pistol Drill and Accoutrements. This appears to have originally been a Mills Equipment Company document that has been incorporated into the official naval publication. These instructions address both the Naval Pistol Equipment and the Patt. '19 Rifle Equipment, unlike the later set of naval instructions listed below. These are the same Fitting Instructions that Rick Landers reproduced in his British and Commonwealth Web Equipment 1871 - 1944, except that here Karkee Web has included the entire section, including the material on the Webley Mk. VI. This addition is significant because there is at least one applicable photograph in this section that was not in Rick's book. These Fitting Instructions are provided as a PDF file. Use your browser's back button to return to Karkee Web after accessing them. Thanks to the Instruerian for giving this scan to Karkee Web.