Pattern 1925 Web Equipment - Associated Equipment

Items shown here are not part of the Pattern 1925 Web Equipment. However, they are commonly associated with it.

Gaiters, blue-grey

leg outleg inAlthough labelled Gaiters, blue-grey, by some clerk in the Air Ministry, these actually should be termed "Leggings". A Legging encloses the lower leg only, whilst a Gaiter extends over the top of a boot. These are not technically part of Patt. '25, and although they are sometimes called Patt. '36, they are in fact neither. They were introduced as Item 6 of A.M.O. A.93/1936, as part of an overhaul of clothing for Officers, Warrant Officers and Airmen. Previously, breeches and blue-grey puttees had been worn. The Gaiters were for use of officers, with the newly introduced trousers " bad weather...". Airmen were eventually authorised to wear trousers, so use of identical Gaiters was extended to them. This pair of Gaiters is size marked "3", contract marked "925758/38", and dated 1939. The Contract means they are not private purchase for officers. From the John Bodsworth Collection. These photos © John Bodsworth 2008.