Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1937

Set Displays

Presented here are some typical methods of wearing Web Equipment, Pattern 1937.

Infantry Set, Battle Order, Early War, circa 1939-40

An early version of W.E. Patt. '37 Battle Order. The Patt. '08 Pack has been left behind, and note the Mk. I Basic Pouches, Patt. '39 Entrenching tool in Carrier, and the Patt. 1907 Bayonet in its first issue Frog. Also note that the Mk. VII Water bottle. This was intended to be carried in the Haversack, but has already been moved to a Carrier connected to the Brace ends. Even at this early stage of the war, the soldier's load was already outgrowing its planned carriage capacity. Inevitably, this would get worse as the the conflict continued. From the Karkee Web Collection.

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Infantry Set, Battle Order, Late War, circa 1944-45

A late war version of '37 Battle Order. The Belt is an economy version with web slides instead of brass, whilst the Braces are of two different economy patterns. Note the Mk. III Basic pouches, and compare the way they ride on the Belt with the Mk. I Pouches in the earlier set. Also notice the No. 4 Bayonet in its modified Frog, the Mk. VII Water bottle in its sleeve Carrier, and the Patt. '37 Entrenching tool and Helve with their first issue Carrier. From the Karkee Web Collection.

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Infantry Set, Marching Order

This series shows a full Marching Order set at the start of WW2. All the components are made by the Mills Equipment Co. and dated 1939. They are displayed on the short-lived 1939 pattern Greatcoat. Of note are the Implement, entrenching, 1939 Pattern, and its holder, the Carrier, implement, entrenching, 1939 Pattern,  here mounted behind the Water bottle. The bottle itself is still of Great War vintage, although re-covered from the mid 1930's on with drab cloth instead of felted wool. From the Chris Pollendine Collection, photos Chris Pollendine 2012.







Set with Cartridge Carriers

The W.E. Patt. '37 Set with Cartridge carriers was intended for non-infantry troops who carried rifles, but did not need the ammunition carrying capacity of the Basic pouch. From the Karkee Web Collection.

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Officers' Equipment Set

The early war set of W.E. Patt. '37 Officers' Equipment shown below belonged to Capt. James Mitchie, R.E. The component piece are all dated between 1938 and 1940. Captain Mitchie served in India, as can be seen by the label still attached to the rear of his Officers' Haversack. An officer might also have added a Water bottle in Carrier and a Map case. From the Karkee Web Collection.

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Naval Equipment with Lanchester Magazine Pouches

The equipment used with the Pouches in 'Landing order', in practicality, & seen in most wartime pictures was the Belt, Braces, Frog & Water bottle, either 1919 or '37 Patterns seemingly mixed & matched. Either of the two Haversacks could have been carried too - essential for rations when on SP ! -literally, whatever was available. The Frog carried the standard 1907 pattern bayonet - albeit a Naval or RAF contract one, & certainly in Naval use carried the boarding cutlass as & when required...

The final picture shows the Naval Cutlass instead of '07 bayonet, this being the 1845 pattern with 1887 modified blade, one of  several patterns still in use in WW2. From the Chris Pollendine Collection, photos Chris Pollendine 2012.