Pattern 1939 Leather Infantry Equipment

Official Documentation

Patt. '39 L.I.E.

This is somewhat of a challenge, as Army did not mark the Pattern’s introduction by either A.C.I., or L. of C.. Thereafter, only one A.C.I. has been noted, together with a Home Guard Authorised Scale. Were it not for these, there might as well be no evidence, save that of numerous leather imitations of Patt. ’37 W.E. The A.C.I. gives a nomenclature of “…Leather, Pattern 1939…”, whilst the Scale gives both “…leather (pattern ‘39)…” and “…leather, pattern ’39…”. Thus even its Pattern nomenclature is ill-defined, even omitting the word “leather”.

A.C.I. 2187 / 1941 Modification of Cartridge Carriers for .300-inch ammunition

Regulations for Home Guard, 1942, Vol. II, Appendix XI, Authorised Scales of Clothing, Equipment and Stores P.135 and 136

Unit instruction sheet, 202 Light A.A. Battery R.A.

This is the only known official illustration of Patt. ‘39. This very interesting and significant document was provided to KW by regular contributor Nick Wall.

Associated Equipment

As far as KW can determine, this A.C.I. refers to the web Carrier for '39 Intrenching tool, but here we are interpolating ACI 2339/1941 Table B to suggest that the 2nd line troops, who received the '39 tool, would then have got leather Carriers, if it was Patt. '39 L.I.E. that they were wearing.

A.C.I. 2339 / 1941 Implements, Intrenching. Scales of issue of Patt. ’37 and ’39 tools and Carriers


Rog Dennis, December, 2010