Pattern 1939 Leather Infantry Equipment

Stores References

mumIn standard KW format, we like to include these, but no document has yet been seen which lists those for Patt. ‘39! Unfortunately, production of Patt. ’39 ended before stores codes were marked-on. Rapidly made obsolete, apparently without documentation, no known post-war Section A1 has listed them. Codes would have been allocated in the wartime temporary 5000 series and the allocation of these did not follow the usual V.A.O.S. Section A1 system. This divided the code range, A1/AA 0001 to 1999, into alphabetic groupings, which is why those for Patt. ’37 W.E. appear so random, between 0019 and 1990.

A few codes have been un-covered, but no interpolation can be done for the missing codes, as the 5000 series is completely random. Those for Section A1 were not re-coded - back into 0001 to 1999 - until 1951, when the series opened-up the 2000 range with a sequential number block for Patt. ’44 W.E..


Rog Dennis, December, 2010