Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940 - List of Changes and other Official Documentation



horseListed below are all of the List of Changes entries, Army Council Instruction entries, and other official documentation that we've found that pertain to Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940. If anyone knows of any other documentation, please send copies to KW for inclusion in this section.

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List of Changes Entries

LoC §B9033 Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940 - New Patterns. 16th February 1944

Introduces Patt. '40 (a few years late).


Army Council Instruction Entries

A.C.I. 385/1944

Adds Pouches, basic to Patt. '40.


Other Official Documentation

Instructions Regarding Kit and Equipment for Officers (1942)

off kitThis interesting manual details the uniforms, equipment, and personal kit, including web equipment, required by officers in different areas and type of service. It is included here because it is one of the very few official documents we've found, other than the List of Changes and the FI's above, that mention Pattern 1940 Cavalry Web Equipment. In this instance, Appendix A lists "Web equipment, sets, Cavalry pattern 1940 (including haversack)", as being required for officers in the Horsed Cavalry "during the Present Emergency". From the Karkee Web Collection.






Code PISREVWEBA Identification List for Pistol, Revolver, Webley, .38-inch, Mark 4, 1947 Section B.1., dated April 1947.

webleyThere is a secondary code, E.B. 962, the significance of which is not yet understood. This pamphlet is an identification list for the Webley Mk. IV. It includes pictures and parts lists for the Patt. '40 Pistol set.