War Office Model 1912 and Model 1913 Troop Trials Equipments - Components

All photographs on this page © R. J. Dennis 2008, except the detail photo of the Patt. '08 Brace adapter, which is © Karkee Web 2008.

Model 1912 and Model 1913 Waist belts

2 beltsThe Model 1912 (above) and Model 1913 (below) Waist belts from the Troop Trials Cavalry Web Equipments. The 1912 Belt is 3-inches wide, while the width of 1913 Belt has been reduced to 2 1/4-inches. Both belts are adjustable for size using double hooks and "flat-loop" pockets on the inside. The buckles are the US style "loop and olivet" buckle invented by the M.W.C.B. Co. The angled chapes have been removed from the inside of the Mod. '12 Belt, but the marks they left on the Belt are still visible. The similar chapes on the Mod. '13 Belt are still present.






Model 1912

1912 belt1908 ba detailAnother view of the Model 1912 Waist belt (far left). The bottom fitting of the Brace attachment is visible here. It is a single piece design that closely resembles the similar fitting on the W.E. Patt. '08 Brace attachment (near left), which was introduced in 1913. This would be changed to a "Gate-leg buckle" design on later equipments. Also note that the size is adjusted with double hooks that engage the small integrally woven pockets of the “flat-loop” belting, now only on the inside of the Belt. This feature, first seen in this equipment, would be a mainstay of Mills designs for many years to come.



1912 buckle The front of the Model 1912 belt, showing the U.S. style loop & olivet buckle.




1912 markMaker's mark and date on the inside of the Model 1912 Belt.







Model 1913

1913 beltA detailed view of the Model 1913 Belt and Brace attachments. The form of Mills Cavalry Web Equipment to come is now starting to take shape. The rear buckled chapes are sewn to the inside, as they would be on the 1916 M.W.C. B. Co. equipment. Eventually, these would be relocated to the outside of the Belt.







1913 buckleA detail view of the front of the Model 1913 belt, again showing the U.S. style loop & olivet buckle.






1913 markMaker's mark and date on the inside of the Model 1913 Belt.






Model 1913 Brace Attachments

1913 baA detail of the Brace attachment. Clearly shown here are the upper horizontal strap and the stud on the upper buckle for the Strap, with keyway fitting. Both of these features would be defining characteristics of all Mills Cavalry Web Equipments to come.





1913 rearA rear view of the Mod. '13 Brace attachments. Note that they are marked "L" & "R", and that they also have Broad Arrow military acceptance marks.