Pattern 1940 Cavalry Web Equipment

Pattern 1940 Cavalry Web Equipment - Haversack

The Web Equipment, Cavalry Patt. '40 was entered into the List of Changes by List of Changes entry LoC B9033, dated 16th February 1944. I am not sure exactly when W.E. cavalry Patt. '40 was put into service, but probably no later than 1941. The pattern was not entered into the List of Changes, however, until 1944, when the Pouches, basic, W.E. cavalry Patt. '40 were added to the Pattern. While this delayed entry into the LoC is unusual, it is not unique. Quite a few items didn't appear in the LoC until years after they entered use, and some, including Web Equipment, Pattern 1944, never were entered into the List at all.


Haversack, W.E. Patt. '40


hsack fronthsack rearThe Haversack, W.E. Patt. '40 was introduced with the Web Equipment, Cavalry Patt. '40 by List of Changes entry LoC B9033, dated 16th February 1944, as stores ref. A1/AA 5300. The Haversack is identical to the Haversack, Patt. '37 in size and shape: 11-inches wide, 9 1/2-inches tall, and 4-inches deep, The interior is partitioned longitudinally into two sections, and the front section is itself partitioned into two smaller sections. There are two angled 1-inch chapes and buckles on the top rear. These connect to the horizontal strap extending from the right Cartridge carrier and to the Strap with keyway fitting. There is also a stud rivetted to the bottom of the bag. That connects to the to the keyway fitting on the right side of the Back adjustment strap. The Haversack is one of the W.E. Patt. '40 components that is almost unavailable on the collector's market. This example is maker marked "M.E. Co." and dated 1940. From the Richard Marshall Collection. Photographs © Richard Marshall 2008.


hsack detail 1hsack detail 2The detail far left show the Haversack inner cover. In the detail near left, note the unusual weather flaps partially sewn to the cover, and the Patt. '37 style dividers.