Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1944

Other Lightweight, Green Webbing Items

green 2In order to pre-empt accusations, of having missed items out, the items Karkee Web have listed in this section detail all the Pattern 1944 W.E. that there ever was. The Machete, its Sheath, the Patt. ’44 Entrenching Tool (later amended to Patt. ’45), the two E.T. Carriers will all feature under Non-Patterned Equipment – Tools.

There were many more green items, some even worn with Patt. ’44 and these will be covered in future additions to Non-Patterned Equipment. The fact that they are S.C.C. 19 green should not be taken as indicating “jungle equipment”. They were as much for post-war temperate use, as for tropical. They include the Patt. ’44 look-alike pouches for the Wireless Set No. 88; the Carrier, man pack, G.S.; carriers for Energa rifle grenades; several types of envelopes for radio sets of various types; medical rucksacks;  a mapcase and so forth.