Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1944

List of Changes and Other Official Documentation

guinessThe decision to introduce Pattern ’44 W.E. appears not to have been marked by an LoC. Similarly, no LoC covering its transfer from Section A6 to A1 has been found, yet this last allocated a complete new block of codes.  and there were precious few after that. For a Pattern that saw service into the 1990s, its Service life - documentation-wise - was rather uneventful. This makes it rather unique and the changes eventually made, in the 1960s, fall outside the period covered by LoCs.






List of Changes Entries

LoC C2311 (Pts 1 & 3 combined), Bottles, Water, Aluminium / Carriers, Waterbottle, W.E. Patt. '44 / Cups, Bottle, Water, Aluminium. dated 9th April 1946

Bottles, Cups and Carriers transferred from Section A6 to Section A1.

LoC C4686, Catalogue of Clothing and Necessaries, Section CN [partial]. dated 23rd June, 1949 / 10th April 1951

V.A.O.S. Section A1 transferred to C.C.N. Section CN. Nomenclature format changed.

LoC C6884, Web Equipment, Patt. '44 Rucksacks (Cat. No. CN/AA 2016). dated 18th October 1955

Rucksack obsolete.