Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1944

Set Displays

The W.E. Patt. '44 Fitting Instructions list several different ways in which the Equipment can be worn. Some of these are presented below.

Set for Rank and File

This set resembles the ones shown in Plates VI and VIII of the Fitting Instructions. This is the early version of the Basic Infantry Set, with first issue Basic pouches and first issue Haversack. The Machete and its Sheath are not W.E. Patt. '44 proper, but are listed in the FI's as "additional items". This set is from the Chris Pollendine Collection. All photographs © Chris Pollendine 2009.

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Another set for Rank and File, this time from the Allen Prior Collection. These photos are particularly interesting because Allen has included examples of the Shovel, lightened, and Pick, lightened. As with the Machete and Sheath, these are not part of W.E., Patt. '44, but are associated items intended to be used with it. All of the webbing is 1945 dated, as is the Shovel. Allen notes that the Pick is dated 194, and also requests that we mention that the Bayonet, No.5 Mark I is not his, but was kindly loaned to him by Dennis Sale. The Rifle, No. 5 Mark I, (aka "Jungle Carbine") is also worth noting. All photos © Allen Prior 2010.

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Equipment for Officers, Certain Warrant Officers, N.C.Os. and Specialists

Similar to that shown in Plate XVIII of the FI's, this set is for officers and men carrying pistol, binoculars, and compass. The Map case shown here is NOT part of W.E. Patt. '44, but is one of those other "Lightweight Green Webbing" items that KW will address in the Non-Patterned Equipment section. This set is from the Chris Pollendine Collection. All photographs © Chris Pollendine 2009.

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Another set, this one including the Haversack, officers. From the Allen Prior Collection. All photos © Allen Prior 2010.

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Set for Rank and File

This set of photos shows the later version of the Basic Infantry Set, with second issue Basic pouches and second issue Haversack. In the first picture on the left, the Pouches are worn high, on the lower pair of belt hooks. In all of the other pictures, the Pouches are connected to the Belt with the upper pair of hooks. Compare the second issue Haversack with the much smaller first issue version shown above. The last picture is the maker's label of the 1955 dated bush jacket used to dress the torso form. The No. 4 Rifle bayonet shown here was obsolete by the time the second issue Patt. '44 equipment was issued, but no SLR bayonet was to hand. We've put this one in to demonstrate the use of those loops on the side of the left Pouch. From the Karkee Web Collection.

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