Web Equipment, Braithwaite: Set Displays

Set Displays

As on the Components page, all of the items shown in the photographs below are from the John Lamont Collection, and the photographs are © John Lamont 2010.

Set on Torso Form

These were the very first photos Karkee Web saw of John Lamont's set of Web Equipment, Braithwaite. It's hard to describe just what we felt when John first sent these to Rog. At last - modern photos of a surviving set of this elusive pattern! Yes, the Frog is Patt. '08, and the Small pack is not correctly assembled (and we now know why - it's been modified), but no matter - it was a long time coming.

torso fronttorso rear






Skeleton Set

Here are inside and outside views of the Basic Set without Packs. As these pictures show, John has now located the correct Frog and completed his set.

skel outskel in






Full Set

Here are views of the full set of Web Equipment, Braithwaite, on torso form. This is the entire pattern. It's still not quite correctly assembled, because of the missing base buckles on the Small pack. In these views, the Small pack is mounted as a bum pack, which gives a visual impression of the set that is very close to the way Mills intended it to work.

full frontfull leftfull rearfull right