Karkee Web: British & Empire Accoutrements and Personal Equipment of the Twentieth Century

Contributors' Collections: Hans Feij

Hans Feij is a Dutch collector. His special interest is in WWI uniforms and accoutrements, particularly those from Canada. Shown below is his almost complete set of Canadian Dismounted Equipment, Pattern 1916, shown on a Canadian uniform, also from his collection. All photographs on this page are © Hans Feij 2011.

Hans notes that he is missing the Yoke from this set. If anyone has one for sale, you can contact Hans through Karkee Web.

Karkee Web note that the Canadian leather equipment patterns are glaringly missing from our coverage. We've wanted to cover these important patterns since we started, but none of us has much of this equipment in our own collections, and none of our current writers has the specialised knowledge to do it justice. Whilst we've had a few offers to develop new sections on Oliver Equipment, Pattern 1899; Canadian Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1915; or Dismounted Equipment, Pattern 1916; nothing has actually happened with them so far. If one of you does have the expertise, willingness, and (most difficult to find!) time to take on the task of writing up one of these patterns, please contact us via the link above. We will be happy to assist you in the production work - we'll do the formatting and editing, etc., whilst you can concentrate on writing and photos of the equipment. If your own collection is missing some items, Hans and other collectors may be able to help.