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Leigh McCann is Australian. He is a regular contributor to Karkee Web (although, Leigh, we still haven't seen the final draft of that Patt. '40 article you promised!) In addition to the pictures shown here, his set of Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940 also features on the Patt. '40 Set Displays page. All photos this page are © Leigh McCann 2009.


W.E. Patt. '37 - Pte. Wilfred James Nauffts

nauffts frontnauffts rearnauffts setThis is the complete set of Web Equipment as used by Canadian soldier F 66453 Private Wilfred James NAUFFTS, who enlisted at No 6 District Depot C.A. at Halifax, N.S., on 8th August 1942. He was to served in the Canadian Army until 1946 with 1,124 days overseas out of 1,330 days in the Army. His unit was the 21st Field Ambulance RCAMC and he served in Canada, Scotland, England, North Africa, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. It is interesting to note that with the exception of the Large pack (including Straps supporting) and Haversack, Pte. Nauffts's W.E. Pattern '37 is British made.



W.E. Patt. '25 - Blue-grey Pistol Equipment

p25Pattern 1925 Belt, Pistol case, and Cartridge pouch.





W.E. Patt. '37

OFF BRIToff canadaOfficers' Equipment: British made (far left) and Canadian made (near left)





mk ii britbrit reareconInfantry Equipment: British made, with Mk. II Basic pouches (far and centre left) and with M.E. Co. economy Waist belt (near left).





can sidecan rearcan bgInfantry Equipment: Canadian made, including blue-grey for the Air Forces.





indiaozInfantry Equipment: Indian (far left) and Australian made





W.E. Patt. '40

40 front40 front 2Web Equipment, Cavalry, Pattern 1940. Set with Cartridge carriers far left, and with one Sten pouch, near left.





W.E. Patt. '44

44 frontWeb Equipment, Pattern 1944. Basic Infantry set.