Karkee Web: British & Empire Accoutrements and Personal Equipment of the Twentieth Century

Contributors' Collections: Jordan Simpson

Jordan Simpson is a Canadian collector and a regular KW correspondent. The photos below, showing equipment from his collection, are the first photos of Canadian W.E., Pattern 1951 that we have shown on Karkee Web. We would like to expand our coverage of this pattern into a full pattern section. Any reader who can help, either with additional photos or documentation, etc., is invited to contribute. All photographs on this page are © Jordan Simpson 2010.


Web Equipment, Canadian Pattern 1951

compass frontcompass rearcompass detailCompass pouch





pouch frontpouch rearBasic pouches





mess frontmess rearMesstin carrier





bottle frontbottle rearWater bottle carrier





strapsEquipment straps





baBrace attachments















bottle wbcWater bottle, Carrier, & Cup





bag frontbag rearGas Mask Bag (not part of Patt. '51, as Jordan notes, but definitely associated equipment)