Non-Patterned Equipment: List of Changes Entries and Other Official Documentation

Listed below is a small sampling of the List of Changes entries, A.C.I.'s, and other official documentation pertaining to Non-Patterned Web Equipment. There are many, many more. As new pages are brought on-line in this section, we will add appropriate new entries here. It's worth noting that some of these documents, in their original format, are quite long, and that in many of these only a few paragraphs will relate to our subject. In those cases, we have abstracted and reproduced only the applicable portions. You can see where we've done this by the notation [Abstract] in the listing.



List of Changes

LoC A2322 Pouches, tool, line-man [Abstract]. dated 20th January 1927

Introduces Line-man Pouches.

LoC C2203 Pouches, tool, empty, No. 1. 1. Introduction | Pouches, tool, line-man 2. Obsolete. dated 21st February 1946

Leather Line-man Pouches made obsolete. Introduces web ones.