Sam Browne Trade Pattern, subdued Type A


set 1No nomenclature is known, since no advertisement has been noted. “Trade Pattern” being an occasional term in Vocabularies, the title here is an ascribed one, with no basis in fact, but will serve as a discrete identification, until more information surfaces. Come on readers – what corroborating material can you come up with?!

This pattern replicates exactly the regulation forms and shapes of Sam Browne equipment. However, as can be seen by the stitching along the Belt and Strap edges, it is made of laminated canvas, making it a “subdued” pattern, to use modern Army parlance. The set comprises the usual, Belt, waist; a pair of Belts, shoulder (i.e. Braces); Case, pistol; Frog, sword; and Pouch, ammunition. The metal fittings are the same – push-through studs, loops, double-tongued Double buckles, but the Belt and Brace have had the punched holes reinforced by metal eyelets, except for the central line of elongated punched holes on the Belt. These fit over the large stud on the left of the Belt. The Braces are doubled inwards through the belt loops, in the manner of the original 1900 Dress Regulations and one has a cross-over loop. The Sword frog has similarly reinforced eyelets, with tongued, single buckles. Variants of the Holster may have been offered, dependent on the officer’s choice of revolver or automatic. To complete the assembly, there ought to be a Sword steadying strap, if the regulation form of Sam Browne Belt was being followed.

No photograph has yet been noted, showing this design in use. It is also assumed that it is the earliest of the new design subdued Sam Browne forms.

Picture courtesy of Great War Militaria.

© R.J. Dennis February 2009