Sam Browne Trade Pattern, subdued Type B


sb bNo nomenclature is known, since no advertisement has been noted. “Trade Pattern” being an occasional term in Vocabularies, the title here is an ascribed one, with no basis in fact, but will serve as a discrete identification, until more information surfaces. Come on readers – what corroborating material can you come up with?!

One photo is known, which shows Braces of approximately 2 inch width, unlike Thresher Leather-drill S.B., and the Type A variant above. The Belt still has a double tongue, working in reinforced eyelets. However, the braces fasten, with tongueless, open-bar M.E.Co. buckles, above the pistol case of S.B. shape and with a soft binocular case. The holster flap shows a reinforced edge. This appears to be a hybrid of the Patt. ’08 based officers set, which had a Twigg buckled belt. The material appears soft, so it cannot be canvas covered leather. KW would welcome further details and, ideally, examples of this variant.


© R.J. Dennis February 2009