Web Equipment, Officers, Model of 1910

Fitting Instructions

Mills would most probably have issued an instructional leaflet, or booklet, to ensure their product was correctly assembled. Question – has an example survived in, for instance, regimental archives? In the absence of anything else, the Patent documentation forms an excellent substitute. Patent 7,797 / 1910 (Application date 31st March 1910) is the patent for Web Equipment Officers, Model of 1910. As this was Mills show-casing their latest design, it seems logical that it would have their most up-to-date “extras”. Patent 17,841 / 1910 (Application date 27th July 1910) covered a novel sword frog, and is also presented here.

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PATENT 7,797 / 1910, Improvement in or Relating to Military Equipments
PATENT 17,841 / 1910, Improvement in or Relating to Military Equipments

Rog Dennis, July 2010