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Being an unofficial loan, there were obviously no LoCs, etc. Since LoCs were “announcements” of new stores items, the NAM Yearbook paragraph will serve just as well, particularly its footnote. The footnote stated "...the equipment was described in the Leicester Mercury, 31 December 1910...". KW has obtained a copy of the relevant article. Copies of these two excerpts from the Yearbook, as well as a copy of the full page from the Leicester Mercury, can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links below. For a transcript of the 1910 article (the old photocopy isn't very clear), you can go to the W.E.O., Model of 1910 Introduction page. The newspaper page is presented as a PDF file. As is usual with our PDF files, you'll need to use your browser's back button to return to KW after accessing it.

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Army Museum '84, "Binoculars in the Army Part 4", P.39, Note 10
Leicester Mercury, 31 December 1910
The Green Tiger, Vol. 9, P. 134 (September 1910)

Rog Dennis, July 2010