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Jones' Pattern Equipment

Official Documentation

gazetteNo nomenclatures are known, since neither Volunteer, nor Territorial accoutrements were covered by Lists of Changes, or Priced Vocabularies. If any documentation does exist it will either be in commercial catalogues, or illustrated advertisements in such as the Volunteer Service Gazette, which had commenced publishing in 1859. A description should also be included in internal official paperwork, such as Battalion and / or Regimental Standing Orders, or Dress Regulations for the particular unit. These could be as simple as individual sheets on a noticeboard, but could take the form of a hard-backed pocket book, such as that issued by the 4th V.B., The Manchester Regiment in the 2nd Edition of 1902. Unfortunately the description of those accoutrements is sufficiently bland to have been almost any Valise type design plus a Slide Strap, the purpose of which is not yet understood. This book did contain instructions for assembling the equipment, unfortunately not illustrated.

So, readers, that’s what we need you to un-earth from your archives, etc.


Rog Dennis April 2017