Web Equipment Pattern 1908 - Associated Equipment

Braces, Straps, & Similar Miscellany


Braces, web

brace frontbrace rearThis type of braces are a bit of a mystery. This type seems to be undocumented, and so far, no one has been able to make anything other than guesses about them. In addition to those shown here, Karkee Web is aware of a few other pairs that belong to various collectors. They are well made of "officer grade" webbing with a herringbone surface pattern. The braces have a 2-inch wide bearing area in the center, tapering to 1-inch wide at the ends. The adjusting buckles are the tongueless Twigg type, and there are small, square leather wear pads on the inside. There is a crossover loop on one brace.The fixed loops at the ends are sized for a 3-inch wide Patt. '08 Waist belt, and at the bottom of each loop is a brass dee. They are unmarked and undated. The idea that seems most likely to me is that these are private purchase items intended to be used with a Patt. '08 Walking out belt to make a webbing "Sam Browne" type officer's equipment. Karkee Web will welcome any additional information on these braces.




Slide, belt, web

slide frontslide rearThese Belt slides closely resemble the bottom parts of the Braces shown above. They seem to be quite common. We've have been told that they were intended to be used to hang additional equipment, such as a Sword frog, from the Patt. '08 Waist belt, but so far, no period photos of them in use have been spotted. Again, Karkee Web will welcome any additional information on these.