Web Equipment Pattern 1908 - Associated Equipment

There are many items which are not part of W.E. Patt. '08, but which are associated with it, and are often referred to as Patt. '08 by collectors. Some of these are private purchase or Territorial Army variations of actual Patt. '08 equipment, whilst other pieces are not part of any web equipment "Pattern". In this website, Karkee Web has taken a pragmatic approach. If the item is clearly not part of the W.E. Patt. '08 specification (for example, the M.E. Co. web Mess tin cover), then it is listed here. If, on the other hand, it is a variation of an item that is part of W.E. Patt. '08, then it will be listed in the specific section for that type of item. If you are looking for the Walking Out variation of the Patt. '08 Waist belt, for example, then you'll find it in the W.E. Patt. '08 Belts section.

Important Note! Over the next few months, we will be transferring all of these data to their correct locations in the new Non-Patterned Equipment section. As each page is moved, we'll adjust the links here to make sure you get to the right place.

W.E. Patt. '08 - Associated Equipment:
RELOCATED! Rifle Slings
Lewis Gun Equipment
Mills Bomb Pouches