Non-Patterned Equipment: List of Changes Entries and Other Official Documentation

Listed below is a small sampling of the List of Changes entries, A.C.I.'s, and other official documentation pertaining to Non-Patterned Web Equipment. There are many, many more. As new pages are brought on-line in this section, we will add appropriate new entries here. It's worth noting that some of these documents, in their original format, are quite long, and that in many of these only a few paragraphs will relate to our subject. In those cases, we have abstracted and reproduced only the applicable portions. You can see where we've done this by the notation [Abstract] in the listing. Multi-page documents are noted by a photo of the cover, and are presented as PDFs. You'll need to use your browser's "BACK" button to return to KW after viewing them.



Army Council Instructions (Weapons)

ACI 36, Stores. [Abstract] - Appurtenances of Small Arms - Transfer from Vote 8 to Vote 9. dated 1944.

Transfers issue from Didcot to Weedon.

ACI 377, Small Arms. - Slings, Bren .303-in. M.G. Mk. I. dated 1944.

Extends the length of Sling by 12-inches.


List of Changes Entries (Weapons)

LoC §10442, Sling, rifle, web, G.S. (Mark I). dated 31st January 1901, 7th February 1901.

Introduces Mk. I G.S. web rifle sling.

LoC §12060, Sling, rifle, web, G.S. (Mark I). dated 13th November 1903, 1st January 1904.

Alters the Mk. I G.S. web rifle sling. Does not advance the Mark.

LoC §17893, Slings, Lewis gun, web. dated 25th Sep 1916.

Introduces Sling for Lewis gun.

LoC §B1523 [Combined], Slings, rifle, web / Hooks, sling, Bren gun. dated 25th April 1938.

Introduces Sling and hooks for Bren gun.

LoC §B2380 [Abstract], List of stores which can be carried in Chests, .303-in. M.G. Mk. I. dated {?}

LoC §C415, Braces, pouch, Lewis Gun / Hooks, sling, Bren gun / Pouches, magazine, Lewis Gun / Slings, Bren gun / Slings, Lewis gun. dated 10th June 1944.

Transfers these items from Section A1 to Section C1.

LoC §C416 [Abstract], Slings, rifle, web. dated 10th June 1944.

Transfers these items from Section A1 to Section B1.

LoC §C2376, Slings, web, 58-in., Mk. I / Slings, Bren .303-in. M.G. No. 1 Mk. 2 / Slings, Bren .303-in. M.G. No. 1 Mk. 1 / Hooks, sling, Bren .303-in. M.G., Mk. I. dated 8th November 1944, 30th April 1946.

Introduces Bren Sling Mk. 2, makes Mk. 1 obsolescent.

LoC §C2732, Guns, Machine, Lewis. dated 9th Aug 1941 / 6th Jan 1943 /14th Feb 1944 / 29th Dec 1945 / 16th Aug 1946.

Declares Lewis Gun Sling obsolete for Land Service.

LoC §C9369, Sling, M.G., Mk. I (Cat. No. C1/AA 5663). dated 24th July 1957 / 30th June 1959.

Extends use to L4 Machine guns.

LoC §C9501 [Abstract], Sling, M.G., Mk. I (Cat. No. C1/AA 5663). dated 28th May, 2nd June, 12th December 1958 / 5th October 1959.

Makes Mk. I Sling obsolete.

LoC C9839, Slings, rifle, Web (Cat. No. B1/1005-99-960-3066) / Slings, rifle, Web (Cat. No. B1/1005-99-960-3065). many dates between 14th February 1960 and 25th May 1961.

Introduces 3066, allocates catalogue no. and amends detail 3065.

LoC §D71, Brush, cleaning, 7.62 mm. bore, Mk. 1 (Cat. No. B1/1005-99-960-2031) / Brush, cleaning, 7.62 mm. chamber and gas cylinder (Cat. No. B1/1005-99-960-2030) / Extractor, ruptured 7.62 mm. cartridge, Mk. 1 (Cat. No. B1/1005-99-960-0016)/ Sling, M.G. Mk. 1 (Cat. No. C1/AA 5663). dated 28th May / 2nd Oct. 1962.

Extends use to L7 Machine Gun.

Australian Changes in War Materiel

AC No. 1219, Slings, SMG, Web, (Aust.).

Introduces Slings, SMG, Web, (Aust.).

AC No. 3404, ... Slings, Machine Carbine, Web, (Aust) (B3/CAA 3600)

Changes nomenclature from Slings, SMG, Web, (Aust.) to Slings, Machine Carbine, Web, (Aust), and transfers from Section C1 to B3.


M.G.O. Equipment Memorandum No. 4. dated April, 1943.

mgo 4Paragraph 5 of this publication advised that Slings, SMG, Web, (Aust.) had been accepted for service & that Owen, Austen & Thompson Sub-Machine Guns were to be equipped with them. From the Graham Tweeddale Collection.





Owen Gun | Illustrations Showing the Use of the Sling

owen coverA private publication by makers of the Owen Gun, illustrating use of the Sling with that weapon. From the Graham Tweeddale Collection.





Illustrated RAEME Maintenance Scale for Equipment, 9-mm OWEN machine carbine, Mk 2 1960

coverAn Australian Army Maintenance Scale document for the Owen Machine Carbine. From the Graham Tweeddale Collection.