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13th June 2010 - Added pics from Victor Pinchon's Collection to the Contributors' Collections page.

5th May 2010 - Added photos of another example of the canvas Pack to the Packs and Haversacks page of the Australian Leather Infantry Equipment section.

4th May 2010 - Added a new discovered photo to the Braithwaite Equipment Introduction page, showing the South African Transvaal Scottish Regiment wearing the pattern. Added two new sets of photos to the W.E. Patt. '44 Set Displays page. One of these is another first issue Set for Rank and File, while the other is a second example of the Equipment for Officers, Certain Warrant Officers, N.C.Os. and Specialists. Both sets add new details to the sets already pictured.

18th April 2010 - Updated the W.E. Patt. '44 Water Bottles & Carriers page with newly discovered information.

2nd April 2010 - Added another new page to the Contributors' Collections section, this time presenting Web Equipment, Pattern 1951, from the collection of Jordan Simpson.

28th March 2010 - Added a new page to the Contributors' Collections section, highlighting the collection of Merlijn van Eijk. Why isn't your collection on display here?

25th January 2010 - Made a correction to the NATO Item Identification Number for Holsters, on the N.A.T.O. Stores Coding & Nomenclature page in the W.E. Patt. '44 section.

24th January 2010 - Added some additional clarification to the introduction of the W.E. Patt. '44 N.A.T.O. Stores Coding & Nomenclature page.

23rd January 2010 - Added a new photo series to the W.E. Patt. '44 Set Displays page, showing the Set for Rank and File with second issue Basic pouches and Haversack.

21st January 2010 - Corrected an error on the Weapons: List of Changes page in the Non-Patterned Equipment section. Updated the entry for the Mk. VI Water bottle on the Pattern 1908 Associated Equipment - Bottles page.

20th January 2010 - Corrected an error on the Sirhind Tool page in the W.E. Patt. '08 section.

19th January 2010 - We've just given Karkee Web a major front page makeover. By now, most of our regular visitors must be pretty tired of scrolling past the same old introduction to get to the Site Index. With this new layout, you can go directly to the section you want. The introduction is still here, but it's now been moved to the new About Karkee Web page. We also moved the "What's New" blurbs off the first page and combined them with the old Site Development Notes page. Those two performed pretty much the same function, and this way you can find the latest information on changes and updates in one place, just one click away from the first page. Please contact the Webmaster with your opinions on these new changes. Our the goal is to make the site more accessable and user friendly, and the only way we'll know how well we are doing if if you let us know.

16th January 2010 - Major revision of the entire Web Equipment, Pattern 1919 section. This was one of the original sections when Karkee Web went on the web in December 2008. Since then, the section structure has evolved to make it both more functional and mare ealily maintained. Most of today's changes won't be immediately obvious, but if you have links to pages in the Patt. '19 section, they'll need to be redone. In additon, we've completely re-written the Pattern 1919 Haversacks and Packs page, with new information and lots of new photos. Also added new pics to the Pattern 1919 Haversack straps entry on the Belts, Straps and Braces page.

13th January 2010 - Changed the backgrounds and details of the W.E., Braithwaite section to display some original South African cigarette cards and their album (courtesy of John Lamont). One of the cards actually shows a trooper of the Special Service Battalion wearing the equipment! Added detail photos of the Haversack mounted on the Braces, showing the unique way it is fitted, to the W.E. Pattern 1919 Haversacks and Packs page.

10th January 2010 - Updated the photo and text on the W.E. Patt. '44 Other Lightweight, Green Webbing page.▫ Added another variation of the Braces to the W.E. Patt. '44 Belts, Braces & Straps page.▫ Relocated the Harness, carrying, infantry, from the W.E. Patt. '37 Associated Equipment - Sling Over page to the Non-Patterned Equipment, Bulk Load Carriage section.

7th January 2010 - Added pictures of Sealed Pattern examples of the Compass pocket and Pistol cartridge pouch to the W.E. Patt. '44 Equipment and Equipment Carriers: Other Carriers page.

5th January 2010 - Added pictures of another variation of the Pattern 1944 Officers' haversack to the W.E. Patt. '44 Haversacks & Rucksack page. Added new pictures and information to the Connecting Large & Small Packs entry on the W.E., Braithwaite, Components page.

4th January 2010 -Added pictures of the heavy webbing variation of the Pattern 1944 Waist belt to the W.E. Patt. '44 NATO Stores Coding & Nomenclature page.

3rd January 2010 - Added pictures of a full set of W.E., Braithwaite, on torso form, to the Web Equipment, Braithwaite, Set Displays page. Added another photo to the W.E. Patt. '37 Braces and Straps page. Made a correction and additional comments on the W.E. Braithwaite, Introduction page. Added pictures of a khaki set of Patt. '25 Rifle Equipment to the W.E. Patt. '25 Set Displays page. Chris Pollendine has added several new sets of photos to his Contributors' Collections Page. These include a British soldier in jungle uniform with W.E. Patt. '44; a French Poilu c. August, 1914; and a U.S. Doughboy c. 1916. He's also sent new pics to update his Web Equipment, Officers, entry. Why isn't YOUR collection displayed on Karkee Web?

2nd January 2010 - Added a new section on the South African Web Equipment, Braithwaite.

1st January 2010 - Happy new year to all. And thanks to all of our readers and contributors - the Karkee Web hit counter rolled passed 30,000 today!