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This page lists all changes, updates, additions, and deletions to Karkee Web from January 2014 to present. For listings of changes we made before that date, see the archived pages linked below.

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16th April 2019 - Added photos of a 1937 dated example of the Case, binocular, to the Web Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1937 Officers and Pistol Accoutrements page.▫

10th February 2019 - Added a new example of the Accoutrements, Naval, Pattern 1901 Case, Pistol (Mk. II) to the Equipment and Equipment Carriers page.▫ Added modern photographs of a Pouch, brown, large to the Japanese Pattern Equipment Component Data and Illustrations page.▫

2nd May 2017 - Added period photos showing Pattern 1939 Leather Infantry Equipment in use to the Introduction to Patt. '39 L.I.E.

18th April 2017 - Added photos of a 1912 dated Pattern 1908 2nd Issue Haversack to the W.E. Patt. 1908 Haversacks page. Updated the Cartridge Pockets page for Bandolier Equipment, Pattern 1903, including adding three new examples of the Pocket, cartridge, 15 rounds (Mark I).

10th April 2017 - Added a photo showing the Pouches, basic, Pattern 1908 in use to the Upgrading Web Equipment Pattern 1908 - Territorial Army page.

28th March 2017 - Revised the List of Changes page for Bandolier Equipment, Pattern 1903, to add L. of C. No. 13753.

27th March 2017 - Revised the Binocular Cases page forWeb Equipment, Infantry Officers, to add two new examples of 3rd issue Cases, binocular.

10th March 2017 - Revised the Bayonet frogs page for W.E., Patt. 1908, to add a new example of a Territorial Army Bayonet frog.

9th March 2017 - Revised the Haversacks page for W.E., Patt. 1908, to add a new example of an Indian made 3rd issue Haversack.

7th March 2017 - Revised the Cartridge carriers page for W.E., Patt. 1908, to add new and updated photos and information for the Carriers, cartridge, 75 rounds, left, Mark II (3rd issue, modified).

3rd March 2017 - Revised the section for Web Equipment, Infantry Officers, to add a new page for a newly discovered Coat carrier.

1st November 2016 - Revised and updated the Haversacks & Packs page for Web Equipment, Infantry Officers, adding scans of 1st and 2nd issue Packs.

29th October 2016 - Added photos of a non-standard Pouch, handy to the W.E. Patt. '44 Other Equipment page. Added photos of another version of the Water bottle and Cup used with W.E. Pattern 1958.

22nd October 2016 - Added photos of the W.E. Patt. 1925 Rucksack, Bottom Part to the Patt. 1925 Khaki Haversacks and Rucksacks page. Added a PDF of Patent No. 177,380 of 1921 to the W.E. Pattern 1925 Fitting Instructions page. Updated the Sword frogs page for Web Equipment, Infantry Officers, adding a 1st Issue Sword frog.

21st October 2016 - Added a short paragraph to the entry for the 7th issue Bayonet frog on the W.E. Patt. 1937 Bayonet Frogs page.

18th October 2016 - Added a Bag, Pack, Waterproof to the W.E. Patt. '44 Haversacks and Rucksacks page.

8th October 2016 - Added an Indian Pattern (I.P.) design of the Case, pistol, with brass hooks to the W.E. Pattern 1908 Pistol Equipment page.

30th September 2016 - Added a new manufacturing variation of the Pouch, basic, leather, pattern '39 (modified).

28th March 2015 - Added an exerpt from the Royal Engineers Training Memorandum No. 24 to the W.E. Patt. '44 Fitting Instructions and Manuals page.

3rd March 2015 - Updated the W.E. Patt. '44 Belts, Braces and Straps page to include a set of trials Braces in khaki web.

9th August 2014 - Updated the Accoutrements, naval, pattern 1901 Equipment & Equipment Carriers page to add a 1918 dated example of the Accoutrements, naval, pattern 1912 - Case, pistol, Mark I.

22nd June 2014 - Updated the B.E., Pattern 1903, Associated Equipment page to repair broken links and add data to the section on the Carrier, head, entrenching tool, Jones Pattern Equipment.

15th June 2014 - Updated the Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 - Ammunition Pouches page to add new information about one of the Pouches, ammunition shown.

8th February 2014 - Updated the entry for the Bandolier, Sten gun, Pattern A with revised text and new photos showing the Bandolier in use.

25th January 2014 - General update to the section for Naval accoutrements, pattern 1901: Revised the "Development" paragraph of the Introduction. Added an example of the Case, pistol. (Mark II), modified from a Mark I, to the Equipment Carriers page. Complete revision to the Haversack page, including addition of a second example, photographed in detail. Updated the Pattern 1901 Set Displays page.

4th January 2014 - Added a new page on Undyed Naval Webbing to the W.E. Patt. 1919 section. This expands the existing coverage of undyed (white) Patt. 1919 Web Equipment.

22nd December 2013 - Revised and expanded the entry for the Belt, waist, Cadet Pattern (N.I.V.) (previously listed as Belt, waist, converted) on the Australian Leather Infantry Equipment - Belts, Braces, and Straps page. Added several documents to the Australian Leather Infantry Equipment - Primary Source Documentation page.

12th December 2013 - Added a 2nd example of the "J" Pattern Frog to the Japanese Pattern Equipment Components page, this one complete with Helve carrier, "J" Pattern Bayonet, and Scabbard. Added LoC §24582, declaring the "J" Pattern Frog obsolete, to the Japanese Pattern Documentation page.