Web Equipment Pattern 1908 - Territorial Force Variants

Component Pictures and Data

Why The Section on Territorial Force Webbing is Different

The Mills Equipment Company did not waste design and manufacturing effort, so often incorporated an existing design into another Pattern and even Models for other countries. In certain instances, detail features were added, but were also sometimes omitted. This last was a key feature of the first pattern of T.F. Patt. ’08 W.E.

It should also be remembered that it was only the military that ascribed Pattern / Model Years. Mills doubtless had their own Design Number / Name, which would owe nothing to military nomenclature.

Almost 300 readers have submitted photographs to Karkeeweb, but not one has submitted any item of T.F. specific webbing from 1908-1914. Perhaps the Territorial Force – the “Saturday Night Soldiers” - are not thought as being worthy enough, in comparison with the Regular Army? 

Accordingly, KW has adopted “Mills’ Best Practice” and we have used simulacrums, i.e. items made for other users, which were identical. For the near-, but non-identical components, we have used computer graphics imagery - achieving in a computer what M.E.Co. did on the production line. 


W.E. Patt. '08 - Territorial Components: